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Upcoming Classes with Adrienne Elise

10-week TeleSeries

Do you feel like the time is NOW? Do you know deep inside that you are here on the Earth at this time for a very important reason? Many are feeling this way, but have no idea what their true gifts are, much less, what it might look like to bring them forward. Some do have an idea, but have been wrestling with inner core subconscious blocks. This class is about recognizing and bringing forward your own unique set of gifts, and opening to understanding of how they may be packaged in a real way...a way that you can make a living as well as be a great service to humanity in this powerful time of spiritual transition.

Wednesdays 7pm MST

starting November 12th, 2014

visit to sign up!

Replays available for continued listening or if you can't make the live class!



~Tool Chest for Owning Your Female Power~

8 week session beginning Monday, October 20th
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Mondays, 12 Noon MST~$20/session or $120 all 8 sessions over Phone or Web. 

It would be a very different world...a world in which once again female power was used as it was originally intended.  This is the most coveted force in the universe, worth more than any gold, which has led the feminine, to become soiled and persecuted. The feminine has been told it is dirty and shameful while forces farm this luscious energy for itself. The female body has the power to create another human. Therefore the creation power is available in it's true form...never-ending and abundant, as quantum physics has also shown as truth about the Universe. We can harvest this power for ourselves and our world when we activate the creative energies in our life.

Mondays beginning Sept. 29  
Sept. 29  Session #1~Nature Creatrix~Fostering a Love Affair with Mother Earth Gaia
Oct. 6  Session #2~Getting to Know Your Female Power~Meeting Yourself in a 2nd Chakra Awakening
Oct. 13  Session #3~Power vs. Power~Clearing Competition
Oct. 20  Session #4~Sex and the Heart~How to Make Love in your Heart
Oct. 27  Session #5~Power and Fear~Removing Obstacles
Nov. 3  Session #6~Female Inspiration~Activating the Creative Brain and Heart
Nov. 10  Session #7~Higher Self Activation~Female/Male Integration
Nov. 17  Session #8~Creating a New World~Co-creating with the Essence of the Divine Mother


~'Leadership and Abundance Training' ~

10 week Online Teleseminar Series

Next Class TBA

This course is designed for those who know that they are preparing for something much bigger in their life and career. It is a dynamic time on the planet, in which many are being called to move into their role as a spiritual healers and leaders. This course gives you the tools to step confidently intyour role as a guide and changemaker, on the leading edge of the wave of consciousness change on the Earth.

Intuitive Skills Training

~ Online or phone~12 week session~

Tuesdays 7pm MST beginning Tues. January 20th, 2014

$220 all 12 sessions
Attend in person in Missoula~Please arrive and be settled for meditation by 6:45pm (Space is limited, Please RSVP or 406-543-7055)

Learn skills to better 'own' your energy field by learning to identify energies and connect with healing assistance and guidance.  Learn to help yourself and others move energy in the psychic field, begin to read the aura, and other tools for spiritual healing.

$220 for 12 sessions

$20 individual session

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Adrienne Elise PDHom, founder of IEI, is a Waldorf Trained Teacher, Classical Homeopath, and Professional Intuitive Reader, Healer, and Teacher. Adrienne had completed CranioSacral I &II through the Upledger Institute as well as Kenji Kumara's 'Quantum Lightweaving' Master Series I Training.