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What information would be helpful for you to understand more about yourself, the people in your life, or your life path?  

An Intuitive Reading can shed the light on the issues we all face.

 Knowing more, means understanding more.

 Do you feel like just a rider of the ups and downs of the roller coaster ride that is life and spiritual growth?

Give yourself the gift of information that will help you to be a neutral observer, transforming guilt and anger into perspective and understanding.... inviting joy.

Intuitive Readings can be helpful with:

-understanding dynamics in difficult relationships

-revealing what is holding you back from making your dreams come true

-shedding light on what might help you move forward

-bringing clarity to life events

-improving overall spiritual health and energy

Intuitive Reading and Energy Healing

with Adrienne Elise

1 hour Intuitive Reading and Energy Healing $80

'Full Spectrum Reading' - a systematic look at prominent past life pictures, the chakras, and layers of the aura.  Length is about 1 & 1/2 hours.

Full Spectrum Intuitive Reading and Healing $125

TAROT ~ 10-Card Reading $25

Readings are available over the phone, online over Skype, or in person in Missoula.

Adrienne Elise completed over four years of training based on the BPI(Berkeley Psychic Institute) model with MT Center for Psychic Studies and Intuitive Way of Walnut Creek CA.  Adrienne is a Waldorf Trained Teacher and Classical Homeopath 406.543-7055