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Intuitive Empowerment Training is helpful for those who:

-are affected by outside energies and/or the emotions of others

-want to understand more about what we cannot see with our eyes

-are interested in spiritual healing

-want to increase their personal power by increasing ownership of their own energy field

-can benefit from validation of their intuitive information and experiences

-would like to pursue intuitive empowerment for support in any career, or would like to pursue a career in intuitive healing

-would like to take advantage of powerful the time we are living in, and are looking for the 'next step' on their spiritual path


~Intuition 101: Energetic Anatomy~

Learn basic tools to claim autonomy in your energetic field. Foster the power of intuition through grounding techniques, understanding
energy systems, and aura awareness. Begin working with healing guides.

~Intuition 102: Chakra Integration~

Explore the role of the higher chakras. Invite release of energies that interfere with
chakra integration. Work with healing guides, exploring techniques of intuitive healing. Discover manifestation and demanifestation techniques which support you as creator of your own life.

~Intuition 103: Energy Healing~

Begin to explore spritual healing techniques using your increasing awareness of energetic anatomy. Better trust what you feel and see as you increase your intuitive abilities. Experience the power of your own truth and how it may be helpful for others.


~Intuition 201: Aura Anatomy~

Begin sensing the layers of the aura. In-depth study of color theory begins to support understanding of energies that can be found in the aura. Contintue to integrate intuitive healing techniques for self and others.

~Intuition 202: Karma and Past Lives~

Explore concepts of karmic relationships, agreements, and contracts which may present themselves in the energy field. Examine past-life patterns and pain pictures that may be energically represented in the layers of the aura.

~Intuition 203: Intuitive Healing~

Integrate the tools of energy anatomy and spiritual healing techniques
to form a strong foundation for intuitive understanding . Begin to confidently
support others through contiued work in energy healing and reading the aura.


~Intuition 301: The Energy of Genetics~

Learn techniques of healing energetic ancestral patterns. Understand dynamics and how they are passed on. Learn to help yourself and others unidentify with them.

~Intuition 302: Group Energy Dynamics~

Evaluate the dynamics of group energy. Examine group contracts, collective energies, and past-live karma with of organizations. Free yourself and others into increased spiritual permision and autonomy.

~Intuition 303: Embodiment~

Become a spiritual healer by embracing your true path. Fully embody your light
and healing will take place around you without effort. Be in your true essence and watch yourself become a radiant example of spiritual and energetic health.

~Completion of the 100, 200, and 300 level classes meet the qualifications for Certification as an'Intuivive Healing Facilitator' ~


The One to One Program is an advanced intuitive training course that systematically guides you through the releasing all that is not the truth of you. The program reaches into all areas of all of your lifetimes that you gave away your power, so you can take it back. Get in touch, One to One with your higher self, gaining the ability to do intuitive self-readings and clearings. Become your own master and catapult your spiritual growth. . Prerequisite is IEI's 100, 200 & 300 level classes or comparable Intuitive Training. The class is 16 monthly sessions.

$50/session in monthly payments:

$720 one time fee ($10% discount):

The IEI Apprenticeship Program ($50/month) includes access to a consulting room to use to begin to see clients as well as continued support educational support in growing professional intuitive skills. Prerequisite is IEI's 100, 200, and 300 level classes (Intuitive Healing Facilitator Certification) or comparable Intuitive Training.  16 month program.  


$720 one time fee (10% discount):

Combined One to One Program and Apprenticeship Program:  The best way to jump start your career as an Intuitive Healer! 16 month program.

$100 monthly payments:

$1500 one time fee (save $100):


~Female Energy Systems New Moon Workshops~

What does it mean to be living in a female body? How much of the energy and emotion in your space is actually your own? Work with tools designed to empower female intuitive power. Explore what it means for energy to be in affinity with a female body.


(Prerequisite: Intuition 100 level courses)

~EmBodYment Therapy I~

Learn the techniques and philosophy behind CranioSacral Therapy, on which ET is based. Practice energy healing techniques while learning to 'communicate' with the physical body tissues.

~EmBodYment Therapy II~

Integrate CST techniques, body tissue communication and intuitive healing techniques. Receive energetic 'activation attunements', allowing one to hold a powerful state of healing pressence which allows for miracle, instantaneous healing.


Adrienne Elise PDHom, founder of IEI, is a Waldorf Trained Teacher, Classical Homeopath, and Professional Intuitive Reader, Healer, and Teacher. Adrienne had completed CranioSacral I &II through the Upledger Institute as well as Kenji Kumara's 'Quantum Lightweaving' Master Series I Training.