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EmBodYment Therapy is based on the basic principles of CranioSacral Therapy, using minimal force to create great results. Gentle touch is enhanced by intuitive energy healing techniques that allow for profound alignments (physical spinal alignment, alignment with 'source', and alignment between 'body' and 'being') with minimal intervention.

Our challenge in this human experience is to free ourselves from patterns and programming with which we are not in alignment. This allows us to make more room for the true light of ourselves.

Rudolf Steiner talked about human evolution as manifesting light in the physical, meaning literally over time, turning our body, and the earth, into light. This is the true meaning of 'enlightenment': To embody light.

EmBodYment Therapy facilitates this process through a combination of intuitive energy healing and light touch, providing both energetic and physical support for tissue release and integration. Intuitive communication with the energy body, as well as the physical tissues, is the foundation of the work.

'EmBodYment Therapy' allows the body to reach a deep state of relaxation, similar to a state of self-hypnosis, where core patterns are invited to be reprogrammed and released. This energetic state of peace invites the body to self-heal. Making a conscious connection with 'source', 'the oneness', or 'zero-point' means resting in deep trust in the universe.

The more a person can spend in this connected state, the easier their life becomes. ET invites a more worry-free existence, allowing a person to let life flow and to release oneself from resistance and struggle.

This connection with 'source' is one of the three levels of alignment that EmBodYment Therapy facilitates. Energetic support and gentle physical touch encourage spinal alignment. The third level of alignment is the alignment of 'body' and 'being', inviting the soul spirit to fully incarnate and feel at home and safe in the body.

EmBodYment Therapy 1 hour session