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INTUITIVE EMPOWERMENT INSTITUTE strives to offer effective tools and training to optimize spiritual growth. A vision is held of community support...learning and sharing with others who find themselves on a similar journey.

At the center is the goal of you as your own guide.

Empowering tools and peer support allow you to grow your own certainty in an ever-changing world, setting you free to find the unique way that you, in-turn would like to facilitate the empowerment of others.


is located in Missoula, Montana


Please contact for more information about classes and readings

Readings are available in person,

online with Skype, or over the phone.


Adrienne Elise PDHom, founder of IEI, is a Waldorf Trained Teacher, Classical Homeopath (Advanced Practitioner Diploma from the School of Homeopathy, Devon UK), and a Professional Intuitive Reader, Healer and Teacher. She has completed CranioSacral I &II through the Upledger Institute and Kenji Kumara's 'Quantum Lightweaving' Master Series I Training.